Autodesk Inventor CAM (HSM) Express 2020 (build | 523.6 mb
The Autodesk CAM team has announced the release of Inventor CAM (HSM) Express 2020 Build This release contains a number of important fixes and improvements.

        What's New
- The HSMEditor has been updated to the latest version for the 2020 release. (CAM-12417)
- Many icons in the user interface have been refreshed to improve constistency with Inventor. (CAM-11316)
- CAM functions for 2D Profile are now enabled when the Flat Pattern environment is active in Inventor. (CAM-10631)
- A warning is now issued if you edit a machine configuration that is being used in multiple setups, since the changes you make will affect all setups that reference the machine. (CAM-10281)
Post Processor
- New functions 'section.getModelOrigin' and 'section.getModelPlane' were added to provide access to the work coordinate system of the CAD model. (CAM-12614)
- A 'reset' parameter has been added to the createAxis function, which can reset the current rotary axis position to zero prior to scanning the section for the optimal rotary starting position. There are also corresponding 'axis.getReset' and 'axis.setReset' functions. (CAM-12300)
- Post Processor: A new variable 'machineParameter.spindleSpeedDwell' has been added which specifies a dwell time in seconds when the spindle speed changes during a drilling cycle. This can be used to correct expanded gun-drilling cycles. (CAM-9495)
- Fixed an issue in which the stock contours preview was incorrect when another tool orientation was selected in the operation. (CAM-12649)
- Fixed several issues in which toolpaths were not being invalidated when specific parameters were changed: Safe Z, Origin or Chuck Front in a turning setup, Entry and Pre-drill positions, Bottom Height 'from selected point'. (CAM-13938, CAM-13360, CAM-12632, CAM-13218, CAM-12991)
- Avoid incorrect parenting of the Machine Select dialog, which could lead to a crash. (CAM-13443)
- When using a cutter with a corner radius in 2D Adaptive, the upper edge of a pocket could be gouged in some circumstances; this is corrected. (CAM-11596)
- Allow machining two open bores within the same operation. (CAM-11647)
- Fixed an issue where the software could hang when calculating helical ramps on a contour pass. (CAM-12129)
- Fixed an issue in which toolpaths might not get created when using the "Fillet" option (Mac only). (CAM-12279)
- Fixed an issue where faceting could occur in Scallop operations. (CAM-12326)
- Fixed an issue in which helical links were detached from their cutting segment and a further lift and plunge was inserted in between to join them. (CAM-12364)
- Jet will now provide the user with a better warning when no path can be computed. (CAM-12953)
- Contour with Both Way and Roughing Passes used to produce partial toolpaths. This has now been fixed. (CAM-13309)
- Fixed an issue in which entry positions were inadvertently removed from 2D Chamfer operations. (CAM-13676)
- Fixed an issue which caused irregular cutting passes for the scallop strategy. (CAM-13757)
- Fixed an issue where some arcs were misformed when offset. (CAM-13135)
- Fixed an issue which could have caused gouges when smoothing for sampling strategies is enabled. (CAM-13266)
- Fixed an issue in which a toolpath would not regenerated after smoothing was turned on or off. (CAM-12599)
- Fixed an issue in which rapid retracts of undercutting tools could fail to report some collisions. (CAM-11401)
- Fixed leads when "Use fixed lead direction" was turned off for certain inside and face grooving operations. (CAM-10679)
- Use more accurate round shank holders (instead of square) for visualization and simulation of some turning tools. (CAM-11423)
- Fixed issues with toolpath verification, simulation and NC code when an angled turning tool with compensation set to tip tangent was used for profiling, facing or chamfering. (CAM-11617)
- Fixed an issue where the compensation point for a boring tool was incorrectly previewed in the tool library. (CAM-12236)
- The non-functional 'Radial dimension mode' dropdown was removed from the turning / turn-mill setup dialog. (CAM-12448)
- Fixed an issue in which the tangent compensation point for a turning tool was incorrect when changing the tool direction. (CAM-12856)
Post Processor
- Fixed an issue in which "getOptimizedTCPMode" was returning an incorrect value. (CAM-11367)
- A post processor error is no longer generated when a multi-axis operation has a constant tool axis of 0,0,1. (CAM-11794)
- The post processor now considers a drilling operation to be an axial center drilling operation instead of a milling operation when it is within a tolerance of X=0, Y=0. (CAM-8185)
- Fixed a problem in which linear values from the machine configuration dialog were not recalculated according to the output units. (CAM-11877)   
About Autodesk Inventor CAM (HSM) Express. Autodesk Inventor HSM Express is a free CAM solution that is seamlessly integrated inside the design environment of Autodesk Inventor software.
The integration allows Inventor users to take advantage of the workflows and tools they expect when programming CNC toolpaths for machining projects.
HSM Express is a completely free 2.5 axis CAM system, but without a manual to help users get started most customers use online forums and YouTube videos for guidance. This presentation is designed to introduce new HSM Express users to the system and ease any new-user pains.
About Autodesk. Autodesk helps people imagine, design and create a better world. Everyone-from design professionals, engineers and architects to digital artists, students and hobbyists-uses Autodesk software to unlock their creativity and solve important challenges.
Product: Autodesk Inventor CAM (HSM)
Version: Express 2020 Build
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :


Language: multilanguage
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems:  Windows 7even or Windows 10
Software Prerequisites: Compatible with the 2017 - 2020 versions of Inventor, Inventor Pro, and Inventor LT.
Size: 523.6 mb

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