06 The Redeemer   Jo Nesbo
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Descirption: A fantastically gripping thriller from the best-selling author of The Snowman.

Christmas shoppers stop to hear a Salvation Army concert on a crowded Oslo street. A gunshot cuts through the music and the bitter cold: one of the singers falls dead, shot in the head at point-blank range. Harry Hole-the Oslo Police Department's best investigator and worst civil servant-has little to work with: no suspect, no weapon, and no motive. But Harry's troubles will multiply. As the search closes in, the killer becomes increasingly desperate, and Harry's chase takes him to the most forbidden corners of the former Yugoslavia.

Yet it's when he returns to Oslo that he encounters true darkness: among the homeless junkies and Salvationists, eagerly awaiting a savior to deliver them from misery-whether he brings new life or immediate death.

With its shrewdly vertiginous narrative, acid-etched characters, and white-hot pace, The Redeemer is resounding proof of Jo Nesbø's standing as one of the best crime writers of our time.
From the Hardcover edition.

"The Redeemer* rocks! Jo Nesbø is my new favorite thriller writer and Harry Hole my new hero. This book had my pulse in the red zone from start to finish."
- Michael Connelly

"The Redeemer
is Nesbø's fourth novel and it proves to be as brilliant as his other three. It provides a grimly realistic portrait of the Norwegian capital - druggies shooting up in public; refugees being exploited in private - as well as an engrossing mystery, full of twists. . . . The Croatian assassin is a fascinating character - a former war hero with a truly fatal gay charm - who has the advantage of 'hyperelasticity,' a face so mobile no one can remember it. Nesbø's work is full of such idiosyncratic detail and it is to be hoped that he won't let the world-weary Hole retire or get fired any time soon."
- Evening Standard (UK)

"The killer's boyhood in the war-torn Balkans gives added depth to a complex story, impossible to second-guess, which proves that greed, lust and a desire for revenge lurk within the saintliest of folk".
- Daily Telegraph*

"Hole in one. . . . Jo Nesbø has done it again. This autumn's Harry Hole crime novel is conceived on a large scale and masterfully carried out. . . . One of Norwegian literature's most outstanding storytellers just happens to be named Jo Nesbø."
- Verdens Gang (Norway)

"Right on the mark. . . .Jo Nesbø dra his bow, takes aim and hits a bull's eye. He has the language, he has the suspense - and he has Harry Hole. . . . a storyteller who doesn't give the reader a moment' s breathing room, it's full-bore 464 pages to the end. . . . In case you haven't already been saved by Jo Nesbø, it's high time you were."
- Bergensavisen (Norway)

"A tour de force. Nesbø has a plot here that is so tightly constructed and compelling that it's impossible to put the book down. This is a serial-killer story, and one with a punch."
- Margaret Cannon, The Globe and Mail

"Nesbø has been gradually climbing up the competitive league of Nordic crime writers. With The Redeemer he's touching the summit, and his hero, the stubborn, insubordinate Oslo detective Harry Hole, has become my favourite copper from those parts. . . . Terrific shocks, tension and atmosphere."
- The Times

The Redeemer rocks! Jo Nesbo is my new favorite thriller writer and Harry Hole my new hero. This book had my pulse in the red zone from start to finish Interesting and exciting...Hole and his author provide unusually good reading Literary Review Jo Nesbo is no ordinary writer Sunday Telegraph publication of a new Nesbo is a cause for celebration...deserves to be considered as one of the very best crime novels of the year Even when you're positive that the mystery is entirely done and dusted, it invariably turns out that the pragmatic Detective Harry Hole has managed to stay three steps ahead and there's more to uncover. Time Out The world is finally catching on to the dark delights of Scandinavian crime fiction, and Norwegian Jo Nesbo is up there at the head of the pack. This is chilling, spectacular stuff, and anyone looking for serious, and seriously compelling crime writing need look no further Nesbo's fourth novel [and it] proves to be as brilliant as his other three...grimly engrossing mystery The Scotsman

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