M C Beaton   [Agatha Raisin 18]   Agatha Raisin and Kissing Christmas Goodbye (retail) (epub)
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Descirption: Agatha is dreaming of a white Christmas-but who will be joining her under the mistletoe? During the dark, grey days of early December Agatha is obsessed by only two things-Christmas, and her ex, James Lacey.Although she says she feels nothing for James now, she feels sure that planning the perfect Dickensian Christmas for all her friends will somehow reanimate her love. Even the murder of a Mrs. Tamworthy, poisoned with hemlock at the local manor house, does little to distract Agatha from organising her perfect yuletide celebrations.And yet it should do, as Mrs. Tamworthy had written to Agatha, telling her that one of her family wanted to see her dead before the year was out. Slightly guiltily (and belatedly), Agatha sets out to solve the case with the help of her new recruit, young Toni Gilmour.

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