Home Making
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Descirption: "An intricate exploration of family and home, of mother and child, of friends, of women and written with both precision and style."-Weike Wang, author of Chemistry
From a talented, powerful new voice in fiction comes a stunning novel about the intersection of three lives coming to grips with identity, family legacy, and what it means to make a house a true home.
Cybil is a war child-the result of a brief affair between a young Japanese woman and a French soldier-who at a young age is transplanted to Tucson, Arizona, and raised by an American officer and his rigid wife. After a rebellious adolescence, she gro up to become a successful ob-gyn.
Chloe, Cybil's daughter, is adrift in an empty house in the hills of Virginia. Her marriage has fallen apart, and her estranged husband is dying of cancer. Room by room, Chloe makes her new house into a home, grappling always with the real and imagined boundaries that...

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