Where is My Mind
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Descirption: Katie Turner's heart is thumping against her ribcage so hard that it feels like it'll rip through her skin and land in her hands. Is she really going mad?She's convinced she was abducted, but when the hospital finds Rohypnol in her system, everyone tries to convince her that it was a hallucination. Are they all right and she's wrong? Then there was the stranger at the bar . . .  And what about the sinister letter sent to her office - is it related? Not to mention the state of her clothes, her face, her back  . . . Something isn't adding up and everyone is bringing it back to her past, to her state of mind. Why won't even the police investigate further? How can she get people to believe her when even her own family think she's just hallucinating? But she just kno something happened! It's real.Fearing for her life, she needs to do something concrete to help save herself. Panic is taking over - she can feel it coming down the tracks, hurtling itself at her at full speed. Someone did this to her. And it could be anyone . . .Join Katie Turner as she embarks on a mission to find out just what happened to her after an alcohol-fuelled day out with friends went wrong - a day that forces Katie to ask herself what to do when no one believes you . . .

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