Alexander McCall Smith   [Isabel Dalhousie 09]   Uncommon Appeal of Clouds  v5
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Descirption: The newest addition--the ninth!--to Alexander McCall Smith's ever-delightful Isabel Dalhousie series.

Isabel is asked to help a wealthy Scottish landowner who has been robbed of a valuable painting. This painting, by the celebrated French artist Nicolas Poussin, had been earmarked for ultimate donation to the Scottish National Gallery. The owner is uncomfortable about an approach he has received from the thieves and hopes that Isabel will assist him. She agrees--in spite of the misgivings of her husband, Jamie. There is also the question of the thieves' identities. Could they be people who are rather close to the owner? It begins to look as if this may be so . . . Against the backdrop of this intriguing case, Isabel leads her day-to-day life, coping with issues small and large. One small issue is whether her three-year-old son, Charlie, is a budding mathematical genius--and what should be done about it. And then there is the question of whether she should help a...

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