Comfort in Darkness   Amanda Bonilla   EPUB Book
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Descirption: A Shaede Assassin short story-takes place after Shado at Midnight
Darian is once again adrift.
Her safe haven has been destroyed by an unknown foe and her only allies have left Seattle to fight the impending coup of Xander's kingdom. Besides having a new handler - assigned to her by the overbearing Shaede King, Darian is plagued by debilitating headaches and haunted by gaps in her memory that she can't seem to fill.
She's a survivor, though. And she'll carry on. Work is work, but when the wily assassin has a scrape with death herself, she discovers that the hunter has become the hunted. Someone wants her dead and is willing to pay a fortune to see it done. She's racing the clock to save her own skin and quickly realizes that the gaps in her memory are the least of her problems...
Previously published in the Geeky Giving anthology.

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