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Descirption: AlexanderDugin's Political Platonismoffers a seminal analysis of the contemporary philosophicalcrisis from one of the best-known writers and political commentatorsin post-Soviet Russia. Through a series of essays, coursetranscripts, and a single long interview-each remarkable for thedepth of its learning and the boldness of its vision-Dugin exposesthe profoundest roots of the Western philosophical tradition,offering his view of why it has reached its final terminus, and hisindication of where a new beginning must be sought.
The works collected in this volumepresent Dugin's theory of Political Platonism as a fundamentalphilosophical and political orientation, capable at once of revivinghigher political and social forms and furnishing solid ground forresistance to the collapse of the contemporary world. Hismulti-perspective thesis offers a thorough and thought-provokingcritique of modernity and a masterful survey of Western philosophy,reaching from before Heraclitus to beyond Heidegger. In itsprovocative, clear-sighted analyses and its visionary flights, thisbook provides an invaluable reference for those already familiar withDugin, and an intriguing introduction for those coming to him for thefirst time.

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