Across the Divide  Union Soldiers View the Northern Home Front
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soldiers left home in 1861 with expectations that the conflict would be short,
the purpose of the war was clear, and public support back home was universal.
As the war continued, however, Union soldiers began to perceive a great
difference between what they expected and what was actually occurring. Their
family relationships were evolving, the purpose of the war was changing, and
civilians were questioning the leadership of the government and Army to the
point of debating whether the war should continue at all.
from Northern civilians by a series of literal and figurative divides, Union
soldiers viewed the growing disparities between their own expectations and
those of their families at home with growing concern and alarm. Instead of
support for the war, an extensive and oft-violent anti-war movement emerged.
Often at odds with those at home and with limited means of communication to
their homes at their disposal,...

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