Robert Jobson   King Charles
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Descirption: An exhaustive and revealing new biography of Britain's future king with fresh reporting by the journalist the Wall Street Journal dubbed "the Godfather of royal reporting."
With exclusive intervie and extensive research, King Charles delivers definitive insight into the extraordinary life of His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales, as he nears the throne at a watershed moment in modern history and in the British monarchy.
New York Times bestselling author Robert Jobson debunks the myths about the man who will be king, going beyond banal, bogus media caricatures of Charles to tell his true story. Jobson-who has spent nearly thirty years chronicling the House of Windsor, and has met Prince Charles on countless occasions-received unprecedented cooperation from Clarence House, the Prince's office, in writing this illuminating biography.
King Charles divulges the full range of the Prince's profoundly held political beliefs:...

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