Simplify Your Life  Waste Less,   Mary Conroy
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Descirption: Minimalism is for rich people who live in big, empty, white homes, right? Wrong.
Minimalism can be a beautiful, enriching and life-transforming practice that, at its core, is all about re-establishing what holds value in your life and letting go of what does not. It's not about having your groceries displayed in glass jars or having chic, Scandinavian furniture - it's a way of life that allo us to strip away the clutter that stands in the way of us achieving our goals.
Simplify Your Life is about exactly that: bringing simplicity back into your life, and with it, joy in the everyday. Dispelling the myths that minimalism is for either hardcore environmentalists or the privileged few, this book sho how minimalism is more relevant and necessary than ever, not least because it's the most accessible way to achieve a state of contentment in all aspects of life.
Minimalism is for you if you want to:
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