Digital Design for Print and Web  An Introduction to Theory, Principles, and Techniques
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Descirption: The all-inclusive guide-from theory to practice-for print and Web design
Any well-conceived print or Web design features the dynamic interplay between visual artistry and technical skill. It becomes important, therefore, for the designer to cultivate an aesthetic eye as well as develop a high degree of computer savvy.
By combining basic theory with hands-on technique, Digital Design for Print and Web takes the unique approach of uniting two subjects traditionally approached separately into one complete volume. As a result, you will gain a clearer understanding of the entire creative process, from project management to working with graphics to designing for print and, ultimately, the Web. In this book, you'll find:
Full-color text and illustrated, step-by-step instruction supported by more than 75 video tutorials
Coverage of professional software including the Adobe Creative Suite
A wide variety of inspirational images from well-known designers
Online full-length project assignments from entry level to advanced
An ideal resource for design students or practitioners, Digital Design for Print and Web will show you to how to create more effectively and guide you on the path toward digital design mastery.

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