Power Query for Power BI and Excel (EPUB)
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Descirption: "Power Query for Power BI and Excel is a bookfor people who are tired of copying and pasting data into Excel worksheets.Power Query, part of the Microsoft Power BI suite, is a tool that automates theprocess of getting data into Excel and will save you hours of dull, repetitive,and error-prone work! Power Query makes it easy to extract data from manydifferent data sources, filter that data, aggregate it, clean it and performcalculations on it, finally loading that data into either your worksheet ordirectly into the new Excel 2013 Data Model used by Power Pivot. This concise,practical book provides a complete guide to Power Query and how to use it tosolve all of your Excel data-loading problems.
Power Query for Power BI and Excel goeswell beyond the surface of what Power Query can do. The book goes deep into theunderlying M language, showing you how to do amazing things that aren't goingto be possible from just the GUI interface that is covered in most other books.You'll have full command of the GUI, and you'll be able to drop into the M language to go beyond what the GUI provides. The depth in this book makes it amust-have item for anyone who is pushing Power BI and Excel to their limits inthe pursuit of business intelligence from data analysis.
Teaches the     basics of using Power Query to load data into ExcelHelps you solve     common, data-related problems with Power QuerySho how to     write your own solutions in the powerful M language"

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