The Glossy Years  Magazines, Museums and Selective Memoirs
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:  'The most entertaining book of the year' Sunday Times
Diana touched your elbow, your arm, covered your hand with hers. It was alluring. And she was disarmingly confiding.

"Can I ask you something? Nicholas, please be frank..."
Over his thirty-year career at Condé Nast, Nicholas Coleridge has witnessed it all. From the anxieties of the Princess of Wales to the blazing fury of Mohamed Al-Fayed, his story is also the story of the people who populate the glamorous world of glossy magazines. With relish and astonishing candour, he offers the inside scoop on Tina Brown and Anna Wintour, David Bowie and Philip Green, Kate Moss and Beyonce; on Margaret Thatcher's clothes legacy, and a surreal weekend away with Bob Geldof and William Hague. Cara Delevingne, media tycoons, Prime Ministers, Princes, Mayors and Maharajas - all cross his path.

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