Аниме: Shingeki no Kyojin
Музыка: Knights of Badassdom trailer audio
Награды: Best Trailer и Best in Show на Anime USA 2014
Автор (C): MaboroshiStudio
Жанр (genre): Comedy (Fun), Trailer
Размер (Size) клипа: 34.38 Мб
Длительность: 02:39
Дата создания: 06.10.2014

Описание (description): Пародия на трейлер фильма Рыцари королевства Крутизны (Knights of Badassdom).

Комментарий автора: After finishing my The Signal trailer with Akira I decided I wanted to do a comedy trailer. I recently watched Knights of Badassdom and never heard of it before... I thought it was hilarious and liked the idea of making AoT like they are a bunch of larpers considering how many anime fans cosplay with it.
After coming in second during AWA pro voting I was really excited to see how crowds would respond to it and it won Best Trailer as well as Best in Show at Anime USA.

Разрешение: 1280x720@23.976fps
Формат: mp4

Подпись автора

"her penultimate sighs called softly on the kindling wind
her saintly eyes filling with tears, lifting with truth
and then a golden flash like the onset of heaven
leaving her screams breaking my heart
and in the grip of fire I knew the death of love"


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