Yoga Body: Power Yoga For Weight Loss, Lean Muscle, Mobility
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This isn't just yoga. This is smart fitness. This is total body transformation on both the inside and out

What you'll learn

    Sculpt lean muscle mass in a safe, sustainable, low-impact way
    Lose weight, burn fat, and increase your metabolism
    Tighten and tone your core
    Transform your body on both the inside and outside
    Increase overall power with more mobility
    React faster with improved balance and muscular awareness
    Recover more quickly with increased flexibility
    Dramatically reduce your risk of injury
    Look stronger and more confident with seriously improved posture
    Soothe sore muscles
    Relieve Stress
    Protect your joints, ligaments, and lower back
    Increase your energy
    Accelerate your fitness goals


    No Equipment required
    Beginners Welcome
    Created For All Fitness Levels; No Flexibility and No Experience Required
    Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced Workouts Inside
    Advanced workouts are challenging, yet achievable. Difficult, but rewarding.
    Program designed to match your lifestyle and fitness goals
    Recommended Tools: Mat, Block (or textbook), and Strap (or belt)


Yoga Body is not just yoga. Yoga Body is a complete workout system. It's smart fitness, and it leaves you feeling energized, accomplished, and ready for more at the end of every workout. You'll look great AND feel great as a result. Best of all, the results happen sooner than you think.

How's it work?

We spent years testing, tweaking, and perfecting Yoga Body to create a highly efficient series of workouts.

You probably know that traditional yoga is great for a lot of things. It helps with stress relief. It improves flexibility. But it doesn't build a lot of muscle.

So we did something different. We combined:

    The most effective exercises from power yoga
    Low-impact bodyweight exercises
    Modifications for non-flexible people

And engineered a workout program to

    Sculpt the muscles you want
    Burn the fat you don't need
    Turn your body into a well-oiled, pain‑free, injury resistant machine.

It's the body you want and the body you need.

This unique combination of exercise is called Slow-Burn Power Yoga

It's not like any yoga session you've ever seen!

You won't find any mindless, repetitive movements here. Yoga Body uses deliberate, controlled movements to sculpt long-lasting lean muscle.

Follow along to the Yoga Body workouts and transform your body into a well-oiled machine, capable for whatever you want to throw at it next!

Challenging, yet achievable. Difficult, but rewarding. Yoga Body is here to take you to your next level of fitness.

    Increase overall power with more mobility.
    React faster with improved balance and muscular awareness.
    Recover more quickly with increased flexibility.
    Dramatically reduce your risk of injury.
    Look stronger and more confident with seriously improved posture

(And yes - you'll still get the beach body you can show off in the summer.)

Your body needs time to recover and get stronger

Hitting the same muscle groups over and over prevents that from happening.

That's why we've done something totally unique from other yoga programs by breaking up our workouts into lower, upper, and full-body sections, to maximize your recovery.

Leg day at the gym yesterday? - Crush the Upper-Body Workout.

This is a yoga workout to build strength, stability, and endurance in your upper-body and core. Build chest and shoulder muscles while improving mobility in your entire torso for injury-resistant joints and smooth, fluid movement.

Sore from all those pull-ups? - Switch to the Lower-Body Workout.

Build your glutes, strengthen your quads, and skyrocket your lower-body mobility to increase functional fitness ability and prevent injury in your knees, ankles, hips, and spine. Feel the burn in your legs as you take your lower-body to the limit!

Ready for it all? - Time for the Full-Body Workout.

Transform your body into a well-oiled machine with this workout. This class combines strength, mobility, balance, and body control into one highly efficient yoga class. This workout is about half the length of a traditional yoga class, but it sure won't feel like it when you're finished!

When you order today, we've also included a full set of resources to guide you to total body transformation.

The Yoga Body Calendar (only available for purchases made through the manflowyoga website)

Eliminate the guesswork of scheduling your workouts, and follow along to the schedule we've created for you. Use with your existing workout program or as a standalone routine.

BONUS Yoga Abs Workout

A challenging, dynamic, and FUN workout designed to give you abs of steel. Comes in 3 different levels!

The Yoga Body Blueprint (only available for purchases made through the manflowyoga website)

A comprehensive guide (over 13,000 words!) to everything we could think of you'll need to get success from following these workouts, including:

    The Yoga Body Eating Habits (Know all the right foods and when to eat them!)
    The Most Important Nutrient: Water (Burn more fat, perform better, and feel better!)
    Goal Setting (Set goals you'll actually achieve!)
    Morning Routines (Start your day off right!)
    Sleep Routines (Get great sleep every night.)
    Sunlight Exposure (Get more than just a tan!)
    Stress Management Activity Guide (Learn how to relieve stress for body and mind!)
    Daily Movement (How to undo the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle)

Yoga Body Burn

Take your body to the limit in just 28-minutes. Yoga Body Burn focuses on longer holds, intense strengthening exercises, and building muscle!

Yoga Body Sculpt

An exciting, dynamic yoga workout to sculpt muscle, keep your body guessing, and get stronger. This workout is sure to make you sweat!

Yoga Body Exercise Tutorial Library

Learn 9 of the more challenging exercises from Yoga Body as we break it down in easy-to-follow tutorials in just under 60 minutes of video content.

7-Minute Yoga Body Beast

A quick, highly efficient full-body workout to strengthen your entire body in just 7 minutes.

5-Minute Mobility Boost

Take just 5-minutes to stretch tight muscles, improve your mobility, and increase energy.

What have people been saying about the workouts?

I've been doing resistance training for years, but I found this seemingly "simpler" session to be challenging! This is really an entirely different kind of workout.
-James Bradshaw

I've always been skeptical about yoga, mainly due to being shown as a woman's workout (pardon me ladies), however, I got my ass kicked hahaha. Good stuff, keep it up!
-Chevalier Bleu

This workout is the hardest of all yoga workouts I've ever done. This was the first time I felt my hamstrings actually burning! The instructions were awesome, too!
-Daniel Kovacs

I try to do this workout twice each week, and it's remarkable how much my core and upper body stability have improved. I like that there is so much core worked into the usual upper body stuff.
-Chris Lingard

Great workout, Dean. Very good for my wife and I at mid-forties and rather soft. Your workouts have been our first and favorite power yoga fitness endeavor. Your teaching is very clear especially seeing we have no yoga background. We love that you use simple to understand terms. Keep up the good work. We are telling our friends about your workouts!
-Christopher Wheeler

Yeah... but how soon can I expect results?

The great thing about these workouts is that it won't take long for you notice the difference in your body, and you'll notice the differences everywhere, in how you feel, how you carry yourself, and how you move. You can expect these changes to happen within just days or weeks.

We created these workouts specifically to transform the way you look, too. If you do the workouts, follow the tips in the bonus materials, and put in the effort, you can expect noticeable changes within a month.

How difficult is Yoga Body?

You're able to choose the right level for you. We've created 3 variations for every workout to match your fitness level. Start off with the shorter, beginner workouts, and then progress to intermediate and advanced once you've mastered beginner.

Not only will this make you stronger, it also gives you room to grow, so you can use Yoga Body for months and months!

You also don't have to worry about whether or not you're flexible. We've carefully selected poses to ensure that you'll be able to do each exercise, especially if you're not very limber yet!

How much time will I need?

Workouts last as little as 20 minutes, with some of the advanced workouts reaching 40 minutes long.

Who this course is for:

    Runners, athletes, cross trainers, and gym-goers
    Fitness beginners looking for a program that keeps them injury-free and healthy
    People concerned about high-impact exercise, joint pain, or a bad back
    Anyone who wants to improve their mobility but isn't interested in the traditional approach to yoga
    Anyone who travels and needs reliable access to effective, efficient workouts on the go
    Someone seeking sustainable exercise that also helps manage stress
    Perfect for anyone seeking longer, more challenging yoga workouts (yet still achievable!)

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