Batch Compiler Pro.17.0.0

Batch Compiler Pro 17.0.0 | 69.5 MB

Batch Compiler is the one & only Integrated Development Environment for batch scripts. With the help of built in powerful compiler, Now you can convert your batch files into pure stand-alone windows executables including your Company name, Copyright info, Version info and embedded resources!

Unlike other bat to exe solutions, Batch Compiler can handle complex batch scripts and compile batch files easily with the built in Intelli-Parse technology and Debugger. Introducing a new era of windows programming, Batch Compiler gives you a bunch of Advance Commands which are specially designed to do advance file, mathematical and logical operations in batch scripts.

- Bookmarks.
- Intellisense.
- Syntax highlighting and Syntax folding.
- Code Auto-Completion.
- Multi script tabbed interface.
- Debugger, Check your code for syntax errors.
- Run & debug your script while editing.
- Advance Commands (BrowseFiles, LaunchSilent, MouseCMD)
- Script Cloud. Free, public cloud storage for sharing batch scripts.
- 100+ useful examples.
- EasyBuild, A new feature to script batch files.

- Powerful, versatile compiler.
- Allows mouse input in batch files.
- Use Windows Common Dialog Boxes.(BrowseFiles, BrowseFolders)
- Draw graphics in batch files.
- Reverse engineering proof encryption of source code.
- Embed resources with executable.(music, images, files)
- Include Company name, Copyright info and Version info.
- Make invisible(silent) executables.
- Digitally sign your executables.
- Executables with administrator privileges.
- Stand-alone executables. No dependencies needed.
- Executables are working on almost all windows operating systems.(98 to 10)

System Requirements:
- Windows 7/8/8.1/10/Server 2008/Server 2012.
- Microsoft .Net Frameworks 4.5 or higher. (version 4.5.2 is included in installer.)
- 100 Megabytes disk space.

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