Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition Multilingual

Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition Multilingual

Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition is built on the world's best desktop virtualization solution, but also incorporates centralized administration capabilities to keep IT in control of virtual machines.

Love Your Mac-Work in Windows
Use Internet Explorer?�, Windows Media Player, Access?�, and hundreds of other Windows?� applications not available on the Mac?� while still enjoying all the features of your MacBook, iMac, Mac Mini, or MacPro.

Make Work Easier
Quickly switch between Mac and Windows, without rebooting. Seamlessly utilize Mac features inside Windows and leverage Windows' strengths on your Mac. More productivity and power for your team or organization.

Powerful Performance
Parallels Desktop optimizes your virtual machine settings for your primary usage such as productivity, design, or development-Parallels Desktop is ready to help you be effective in any work setting.

Improved Battery Life
The "Travel Mode" temporarily shuts down resource intensive services in order to extend battery life when team members are on-the-go.

Visual Studio
With Parallels Desktop for Mac Business Edition, you retain all of the functionality of other Parallels Desktop editions, including the Visual Studio plugin, providing remote debugging in your virtual machines.

Cortana?� on Your Mac
Use Cortana even when Windows 10 is not the forefront application. Now everyone can have their own virtual assistant.

License Management Portal
View vital information, such as license expirations, usage statistics, and real-time licensing activities to easily manage all of your deployed licenses. Administrators will be able to set up a new Parallels Desktop Business Edition account, with the ability to see, deploy, deactivate, and blacklist licenses as well as host name, user name, and serial numbers.

Advanced Security Controls
Parallels Desktop for Business provides best-in-class user performance while maintaining control at the IT level. Improve endpoint security with virtual machine lockdown and encryption, and maintain corporate compliance requirements via the elimination of third-party product and in-product notifications as well as individual user registration requirements.

Simplify Mass Deployment and Administration
Parallels Desktop for Business can be deployed through standard software deployment tools. Our package-builder application and detailed mass deployment guides help administrators set up hundreds or thousands of clients easily.

System Requirements:

- A Mac computer with an Intel Core 2 Duo, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, Intel Core M or Xeon processor (Core Solo and Core Duo processors are no longer supported)
- 4 GB of memory (8 GB recommended)
- 850 MB of disk space on the boot volume (Macintosh HD) for Parallels Desktop installation
- Additional disk space for virtual machines (varies on operating system installed)

- macOS Sierra 10.12 or later
- OS X El Capitan 10.11.5 or later
- OS X Yosemite 10.10.5 or later

32-bit Guest Operating Systems
- Windows 10
- Windows 8.1
- Windows 8
- Windows Server 2012 R2, SP0

64-bit Guest Operating Systems
- Windows 10
- Windows 8.1, Update1
- Windows 8
- Windows Server 2012 R2, SP0

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