MAP - Mapping Action Pack for MindManager.3.4

MAP - Mapping Action Pack for MindManager 3.4 | 186 Mb

The MAP is the next version of the popular OPTi-Add-ins add-in which has been providing additional functionality for Mindjet MindManager users around the world for over seven years. The new edition now named the Mapping Action Pack for MindManager, (MAP for short), has been re-designed to provide an expandable platform to enable more commands, templates, icons and images to be included in future versions.

The Navigation group contains functions to help you navigate your Map collection.

The Exports group contains functions to help utilize your Map content in other applications.

AutoViews automate MindManager elements as you work with your Maps to save you time.

Show/Hide functions help you clear Map Properties and Task Panes to save on canvas real estate.

Map Actions
Map Actions help you perform time saving actions across your Maps such as clearing specific Task information.

Topic Actions
The Topic Actions group helps you sort Topics, resize Topic images and much more.

Topic Properties
Topic Properties will help you extend the use of MindManager's Properties & Formulas

Linking provides functions to help navigate large Maps & manipulate hyperlinked files.

Math group enables you to perform basic calculations on a numerical Topic. You cam also sum selected numerical Topics.

Map Tools
Map Tools provide simple utilities to help you Map better & faster.

Over 350 Images & Icons to make your Maps more visual.

Boost your Productivity
MAP for MindManager?� offers additional functionality that enables you to do more, do it quicker & do it slicker!

Packed with Value!
MAP for MindManager?� includes over 30 new functions for MindManager & over 350 monotone Icons/Images in 5 colors!

Something for Everyone
The versatility of the MAP for MindManager?� content makes it the perfect companion for EVERY MindManager user!

Release Notes:
YouTube Video, MyMapsPlus & Dual Ribbon Support
We are pleased to announce the latest edition of MAP for MindManager, our flagship add-in that now provides more than 50 additional functionalities. Continue reading to learn more about the MAP 3.0.

New in MAP 3.0
The new version of MAP includes user interface changes, two new functions as well as some minor improvements and code changes to increase stability and performance.

User Interface Changes
MAP 3.0 is the next major update of our flagship MindManager add-in. This update includes some fundamental changes in the MAP user interface with the addition of support for Dual Ribbon Menus, the removal of the old Quick Launch feature, the introduction of a new Favourites feature and small changes to application forms/dialogs to help support higher resolution displays.

The introduction of an optional Dual Ribbon menu enables users to split the display of MAP commands across two Ribbon Menus. The MAP (Actions) Ribbon Menu contains the Map Action and Topic Action command groups while the MAP (Main) Ribbon Menu contains the remaining command groups. This enables users to have more commands displayed at full size and makes it easier to find commands quickly when using lower resolution displays. Of course, all commands are available via the MAP Taskpane as before.

New Functions
MAP 3.0 introduces two new functions; MyMapsPlus and YouTube Video Topics. MyMapsPlus is the complete version of the stand-alone MyMapsPlus add-in we released earlier this year and with the release of MAP 3.0 the stand-alone version will be removed from sale and only be available through MAP.

Removal of Quick Launch & Introduction of New Favourites
MAP contains over 50 additional functions for MindManager and continues to grow with each new version. Earlier versions of MAP included a Quick Launch feature located on the Home Ribbon Menu enabling you to add your favourite commands. This provided two-click/three-click access to commands you use on a frequent basis.

With the introduction of the MAP Taskpane in version 2.0, the need for this feature has now become redundant as the Taskpane provides two-click access to ALL Map commands. This has been updated to include a Favourites category enabling you to mark and display commands you use regularly in one grouping. The MAP Taskpane is used to access commands and settings for each MAP function. It is also used to choose which commands are visible in the MAP Ribbon Menu(s) and also which commands are selected as Favourites.

Commands can have several display attributes that indicate their status:
Green Border = Visible in MAP Ribbon Menu(s)
Red Border = Not visible in MAP Ribbon Menu(s)
Gold Background = Feature is enabled (for toggle functions)
Blue Command Text = Command is selected as a Favourite

Dialog/Form Improvements
We have improved many of the MAP forms/dialogs to help support higher resolution displays and have replaced many Link Label commands with regular button commands for easier access and readability. This work is on-going and more improvements in this area will be rolled out with each point release of MAP 3. We are also trying to solve the issue of main commands having overlapping text on systems where scaling has been enabled.

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