InsiderSoftware EXPO.1.1.1 Mac OS X

InsiderSoftware EXPO 1.1.1 MacOSX | 59 MB

Expo is a digital asset manager that allows you to view, tag, search and manage images, icons, fonts, audio, video, app documents - all the assets in your workflow.

Expo helps web, creative and marketing professionals create great sites, presentations, documents and designs faster. Discover new images, clips, fonts and icons on the Net. Use folders and tags to automatically organize them. Find files in seconds and drag them into your favorite apps.

Manage All Your Assets
Import all your creative assets including documents, images, fonts, icons, songs, audio and video clips. View assets and their metadata with a click. Use automatic, manual and batch tags, and search them later in Expo and macOS. Apply ratings, licenses and notes to describe your assets and how they are used.

Organize Assets Effectively
Free yourself from using the Mac file system to organize your creative life. Start with Expo's built-in asset folders and then add your own. Define smart folders that auto-update based on asset tags and attributes. Stop wasting hours looking for the right files.

Find Files Fast
Search everything-tags, sources, dates, camera specs, licenses, file names, types and sizes and more-with lightning speed. Get instant feedback as you enter search criteria rather than waiting for and wading through paged results.

Discover New Assets
Visit your favorite asset websites with a single click. Find the images, videos, fonts and other files you need and auto-import them-including their properties and tags-directly into your Expo catalog.

Work Your Way
Using your Expo assets is simple. Just drag them into Adobe, Quark, PowerPoint, Word, Keynote, Pages and thousands of other apps-or to your desktop or project folders-and you're ready to get creative. No more downloading, saving or searching for assets-just drag and drop. All software should be this easy.

Speed Your Workflow
Speed your creative workflow with the ExpoExpress menu bar widget even while the Expo app window isn't visible. Just choose a folder, type a search string and drag the assets you need into your applications-so you can keep working at the speed of your imagination.

Requirement: OS X 10.9 or later

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