Geomagic Freeform (Plus).2017.0.93

Geomagic Freeform (Plus) 2017.0.93 | 1.9 Gb

3D Systems has released an updated to Geomagic Freeform (Plus) 2017. This software it helps you to solve complex design and manufacturing challenges with the industry's most comprehensive organic 3D engineering tools combining touch-based sculpting, surfacing, design intent modeling, 3D Scan processing, CAD interoperability and mold making.

Geomagic Sculpt, Freeform, and Freeform Plus 2017 give you the power to design faster and more accurately than ever. With new capabilities and improvements to the existing tools, the industry's best 3D hybrid modeling solution streamlines workflow processes and tasks from design to documentation.

Streamline Mass Custom Design Workflows
The new Sketch Text tool easily generates outline font profiles that can be used to create 3D part labels. Shell Cut is a new tool that enables the creation of layered text or details as independent 3D objects that match the surface contours of the underlying part. Together, these new tools make mass-customization of any design easier than ever.
Improved Accuracy in Complex Designs
This 2D slicing tool analysis tool not only provides a dynamically interactive cross-section inspection tool, but also provides multiple methods and modes for extracting slice-based image stacks or profile curves. These functions can be used to identify voids, avoid collisions, validate clearance specifications, or reverse engineer the shape of a volume giving you the assurance that your design is accurate and correct.
Improved Documentation Capabilities
Advanced documentation tools enable streamlined communication with your customers.
- Easily create images for downstream documentation with the click of a button
- Generate a single image or sets of images based on orthographic or turntable views
- Utilize options that eliminate downstream editing time such as cropping, centering, object filtering, and background transparency (PNG)
Performance Optimizations
- Multi-piece Reduce-for-Export is now multi-threaded, reducing processing time as much as 50% or more based on one piece per logical core.
- Reduce file sizes by as much as 95% using optional File Compression on save.
- Optimizations to transparency improves framerates, increases rendering quality, and supports modes for either High or Low Resolution Clay See Through, allowing for the best balance of quality and redraw performance in any workflow situation.
Promote legacy Common Solids to Solid Pieces
Freeform Plus v2017 has a new option to promote legacy Common Solids to be Solid Pieces, infusing them with new capabilities. Promoting a legacy Common Solid to be a Solid Piece enables more precise positioning control, per-piece attribute assignment, higher status in the Object List, and access to a broader set of palette tools.
Other Enhancements:
- Drag-and-drop to import clay files into an existing open project
- Measure angle capability added to the ruler tool
- New tessellation controls are now provided for solid-to-mesh conversions, including the import of CAD parts as mesh

Bug Fixes in 2017.0 Hotfix 1

This section lists issues that have been resolved since the 2017 release:

- GF-6369: Reposition Tool: Crashes seen when clicking on a piece in the Object List (Freeform only) *
- GF-6348: Align PIece to an Axis tool: When using a plane to align and re-orient to the global origin, results aren't precisely zero *
- GF-6309: 2D Slicer Tool: Memory Consumption seen when session is left idle for long periods of time
- GF-6389: Import file - Tessellation options overlapping in the dialog when selecting .cly file for import (Freeform only)
- GF-6391: Export: PDF - Localized versions are not properly exporting to PDF *
- GF-6332/3: Japanese Translated UI
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Product: Geomagic Freeform (Plus)
Version: 2017.0.93 (Hotfix 1)
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :

Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even / 8.x / 10
Size: 1.9 Gb

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