Roland VS Anthology 1985 Vol 1 - 2 for Concerto v3.2.0 WiN

Roland VS Anthology 1985 Vol 1 - 2 for Concerto v3.2.0 WiN | 2.26 Gb

Anthology 1985 is a faithful reproduction of Roland's legendary synthesizer from 1985 recreated in a modern and easy-to-use virtual instrument.


Ultra-Deep Sampled replica of its legendary counterpart from 1985
128 patches in 2 volumes that represent base 64 patches and expansion card
4 velocity layers per note
ADSR resonant filter for lush sustains and harmonic decays
Multiple instruments supported per plug in instance
Advanced multi-threaded loading and streaming for fast and smooth workflow
Multiple instruments supported on separate MIDI channels
VST and AU compatible

Rave Until Dawn...Again

Load Anthology 1985 into your favorite DAW and teleport back to the mid-80's. Spanning the two luscious volumes are some of the most recognizable sounds in the history of electronic music. Whether your tastes range from vintage synth-pop to 80's funk to sound effects from space, there is something here for everyone. The hoover is back and it's ready to rock.

Roland Remastered

Using ultra-deep sampling, we brought 1985 back with a level of fidelity that has not been possible to attain without actually owning vintage hardware. All of the nuances of Bouncy basses, etherial pads and swirly strings are at your fingertips, just as you remember. Combine low CPU overhead with a low learning curve to get in and start creating and you can see why this instrument is more than just nostalgia.

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