tellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Platinum.

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Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Platinum is an exclusive Photo restoration software that's an amalgamation of two utilities, one that recovers lost or deleted photos, audio, and video files from a variety of storage devices, and the other that repairs corrupt or distorted photos with JPEG or JPG extension.

* Recovers deleted photo and multimedia files
* Repairs corrupt JPEG/JPG images
* Supports multiple audio and video formats
* Restores pictures and media with original file name, format, and other details

Problems & Solutions
Want to recover photos from accidentally formatted SD card?
Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Platinum restores lost or deleted photos from damaged / corrupt or accidentally formatted SD cards. What's more, with this Photo restoration software in tow, you don't need separate products to recover audio and video files. The application scans selected storage devices and lists down all recoverable photos, audio, and video files from which you can preview and restore single or multiple files.

Can't find recovery software specific to your camera?
One of the best aspects of this bundle is its compatibility with different cameras and its support for various file types. Most prominent camera manufacturers like Nikon, Samsung, Canon, Sony, Minolta, etc. are supported by the product. Additionally, it can help you recover photo, audio, and video files of various formats and also gives you the option to add new file headers to the list of supported file types.

Have JPEG or JPG files on USB stick been corrupted?
Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Platinum helps repair damaged or corrupt files with JPEG or JPG extension. Using technically advanced algorithms, the software repairs corrupt headers, JPEG file data, invalid JPEG file structure, etc. to deliver accessible and accurate pictures.

Need to recover JPEG file thumbnails?
The application allows you to extract thumbnails of severely corrupted files and save them at a desired location on the computer. The embedded thumbnail image of damaged JPEG or JPG files can smoothly be restored without comprising any visual quality.

Restores detailed information about deleted photos
Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Platinum works diligently to recover not only data within lost or deleted multimedia files but also restores crucial details about them such as date and time details, Camera name or model, resolution, as well as original file name. The Photo restoration software is able to perfectly reinstate files of various photo formats (PNG, BMP, GIF, JPEG, etc.), audio formats (MP3, WAV, M4A, etc.) and video formats (MOV, AVI, WMV, MP4, etc.).

Create Image of Media
The software allows you to create sector-by-sector image of an entire storage media or of a specific range on the media. This feature is aimed at helping you save the data stored on media that has developed bad sectors. With continuous usage every kind of internal and external media tends to develop bad sectors causing data inaccessibility or loss. However, an image created with Stellar photo recovery platinum can be used to recover the data stored on the remaining good sectors of the media.

Supports Unicode and RAW recovery
Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery Platinum provides a competitive edge by supporting the recovery of Unicode files. Moreover, the software comes equipped with a RAW recovery feature to restore files in case the usual recovery process doesn't deliver satisfactory results. RAW recovery conducts a deeper scan of selected media and finds files by matching their signatures.

Recover from specific region on HDD
For advanced users, the Photo restoration software provides a 'Select Range' feature with which users can select any specific region of the hard disk, volume, or attached storage device for scanning. Once preferences are specified, the scanning process searches for files only within the selected region.

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