ESI ProCAST v2016.1 Suite (Win/Linux)

ESI ProCAST v2016.1 Suite (Win/Linux) | 2.77 GB/2.71 GB

The program complex ProCAST allows to solve practically any technological problems connected with casting of metals!
ProCAST allows you to model any foundry technology:

- any gravitational fill (casting in chill mold, in PGS and HTS, in lost models, etc.);
-Lining under controlled pressure (high pressure casting, low pressure casting, back pressure casting,
Vacuum suction casting, etc.);
Centrifugal casting;
-continuous casting;
-light on the gasification model.
The ProCAST program allows you to determine:
-distribution of thermal fields in the cast and shape;
-evaluate the level of stresses arising in the cast and metal fittings
- Allows you to calculate cyclic loads (for example, when casting under pressure).
ProCAST meets production challenges
Based on the proven technology of finite elements, ProCAST represents a complete solution covering a wide range of processes for the casting of metals and alloys.
Covering all production tasks for a wide range of casting processes.
Casting into the ground, gravitational, inclined casting
The key success factors in gravity casting are related to the optimization of the gate system and the exclusion of areas of possible shrinkage.
Injection molding, casting into shell molds
ProCAST is well suited for solving the problem of investment casting. For example, ProCAST can automatically generate a mesh that reflects the shell shape, allows for an unequal thickness and multilayer.
This takes into account the heat radiation with shading effects, which are important for high-temperature alloys. ProCAST provides the ability to model shape filling, solidification and microstructure formation. The location of the risers and the use of insulating or exothermic leads, their effect on shrinkage can be studied on a computer and visualized on the screen to achieve the optimum casting quality.
Molding into chill mold under low pressure
In order to really reproduce the factory conditions, it is possible to simulate the working cycles of the mold to a state when the temperature conditions reach the stationary state. The calculated temperature fields make it possible to calculate the filling of the mold and the solidification of the casting.
The process parameters can be adjusted so that the optimum process quality is achieved in the shortest possible time.
Casting into chill mold under high pressure
ProCAST allows to solve such specific problems of high pressure casting as liquid stamping and semi-solid phase casting. The optimal plunger velocity profile, gate structure and sagging can be easily determined during the simulation even in thin-walled products. Thermomechanical cycles of the chill can be calculated not only to increase its life cycle, but also to increase productivity, thereby reducing risks and costs.

Year / Release Date: 2016
Release: 2016.1
Developer: ESI Group
Developer's site:
Resolution: Win 64bit/Linux 64bit
Language: English, French
Tabletka: Present (TeAM SolidSQUAD-SSQ)
System Requirements: Pentium IV 3 GHz or higher
Memory (RAM): 1024 MB or higher
Additional information: Composition Suite
1. ESI Visual-Environment 12.5.1 Win64
Pre- and postprocessors for various CAEs, including a VisualCAST pre- and postprocessor for ProCAST 2016.0.
ATTENTION! Actually ProCAST 2016.1 is only a solver (solver). To prepare the source data for ProCAST 2016.1 and view the results of calculations, you must use (by default) VisualCAST 12.5.x from the ESI Visual-Environment 12.5.1 Win64 or other available version of VisualCAST
2. ESI ProCAST 2016.1 Win64
3. ESI QuikCAST 2014.0 Win64
Program for simulation of metal casting. Has fewer features than ProCAST but is more easy to use. Has its own pre- and postprocessor
4. ESI PAM-OPT 2016.0
The program for optimizing modeling in ProCAST and QuikCAST

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