VitaminBW.1.0.3 Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop (WinMac)

VitaminBW 1.0.3 Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop (Win/Mac) | 57 MB

Based on a brand new concept VitaminBW create one black and white version with rich and brilliant tonal gradations. "Triple Tone" option with one click, serves you on a silver tray three different tonal versions, all in a single Photoshop document to choose the best or blend two or more. VitaminBW will dramatically change your approach to black & white conversion.

Basic and Advanced B&W Tonal Editing Made Easy.
A Black & White Converter with brilliant and rich gray tones based on a totally new concept. Get a choice three different tonal versions with one click, compare or blend them.

Single Tone
The Vitaminized Basic Conversion with rich and brilliant tonal gradations. The conversion comes grouped with a flat layer to tweak the contrast and a mask to correct any unwanted halo.

Triple Tone
The Core feature of VitaminBW. Get three tonal versions with one click. Choose one or blend two or more versions with unparalleled results. A quick jump to advanced b&w conversion techniques

Color Filters
A full range of great color filters, starting from the Red, the crazy horse of tonal conversion, with the best and the worst of anything. All filtered layers come with a neutral layer to tweak them.

Change the tint of your image: cold, warm or mixed. Our algorithm preserves the highlights to obtain more pleasant color and tonal contrast. You can decrease or saturate the hue.

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