Vallum.2.3 Mac OS X

Vallum 2.3 (Include Murus 1.4.10) MacOSX | 82 MB

Vallum is a little tool that helps you monitoring applications connections. It is able to intercept apps connections and hold them while you decide whether to pass or block them.

Vallum interface is very simple and based on icons. Its default configuration is not intrusive, it does not require any interaction or specific networking knowledge or skills. Just drag an app icon from the Finder into main Vallum window to block it. To change Vallum attitude and interaction level you just have to play with the very few options available. Vallum Configuration Strategies let you choose from a list of predefined firewall configurations ad attitudes.

Vallum is not intrusive, it runs as a menulet in macOS menu bar, near the clock. It respects your privacy too: it does not connect home to verify the license, it does not need any online activation.

Play with firewalls
Vallum can be used by everyone. You can build a simple non-interactive ruleset in two minutes dragging and dropping apps icons, then run it and forget Vallum, and use it only from time to time to check logs. Or you can build and maintain a complex interactive ruleset, with temporary rules, jails, mixed rules, notification alerts.
Vallum works at application-level but is also able to interact with the macOS built-in PF packet filter in order to issue network-level rules. This is achieved interacting with Murus, a PF front end for macOS.
Murus and Vallum interaction is more deep as you can exchange IP addresses and groups between the two apps.

* Increase your privacy, intercept apps that leak data on the network
* Drag and drop apps icons to create firewall rules, run the firewall with one mouse click
* Be notified of hidden network activities, discover what happens behind the scene
* Simple interface, no need for special networking knowledge, everybody can use it
* Choose between different levels of interactions or run a completely silent firewall
* Work at both application- and network-level to gain full control of your Mac
* It's friendly: it stays in a corner of your Mac's menu bar on top of the screen, it does not pollute your dock and your desktop. One click to install, one click to uninstall
* It's powerful: create complex setups with jails, mixed rules, temporary rules, at both application- and network-level
* It respects your privacy, it does not phone home or leak any kind of data on the network

Requirement: OS X 10.10.1 or later
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