MAGIX Fastcut 3 Steam Edition ISO

MAGIX Fastcut 3 Steam Edition ISO | 1.66 Gb
Fastcut quickly creates ready cut videos - perfectly in sync with the beat of the music. Simply choose your clips and mark the moments you would like to see in the video.

- Automatic video editing for your clips
- Top quality: Presettings for HD and 4K export
- For every mood: More than 60 dynamic templates including music
- Customized: Create your own templates from your favorite tracks
- Set highlights: Integrate your favorite scenes flawlessly and automatically in your video
- Perfect sound: Remove background noise & add or delete camera sound
- Unrivalled look: Trendy effects & filters for every style
- Do It Yourself: Manual editing - for the perfect finishing touch
- As you wish: Show your video online or mobile - there are no limits

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