Golden Software Strater.5.3.873

Golden Software Strater 5.3.873 | 100.8 mb

Golden Software, LLC, the leading developer of affordable scientific graphics software, has released an update to Strater 5, an intuitive subsurface visualization program designed to display a wide variety of well log, borehole, and cross section data.

Introduced in 2004, Strater is a leading competitor in subsurface modeling software. Designed for geoscientists and engineers, Strater converts geotechnical, geophysical, environmental, mining, and mud/gas data from a wide variety of file formats into 15 different log types, borehole models, and cross section views. Strater offers unsurpassed flexibility in design and layout of the modeled data which can be displayed as a single page, multi-page, or continuous log. Virtually every aspect of Strater's Description is customizable, allowing users to quickly and easily create publication-quality reports.

The most popular new feature in Strater 5 is raster log support. Users can create both registered and unregistered raster logs. Paper logs can be viewed as digital raster logs, and unregistered raster logs can be depth-registered with the dynamic depth-registration tool. Additionally, raster logs can be used to create cross sections.

Strater 5 also features enhanced customization options. In addition to the extensive fill styles provided in Strater, users can create and save custom fill styles. Controls have been added for page headers and footers so users can display different information on the first page and subsequent pages of their Strater view. Also new in Strater 5 is the ability to include a water level line or symbol and an end of log line.

Cross sections have also experienced a number of in demand enhancements. Analyses are now easier to make with the ability to effortlessly add and delete wells in an existing cross section. Additionally, when redrawing cross sections, customized stratigraphic layers can be maintained. Other cross section features include deviated display for line log cross sections, the ability to draw layer lines horizontally across the width of the well track, and the option to flip the horizontal scale bar.

Additional features include a redesigned user interface, new and improved import and export formats, added flexibility for date/time formats including a new date/time format builder and the automatic recognition of the Windows country/language and date/time settings, and table command enhancements including faster querying speeds and expanded copy/paste controls.

About Golden Software, LLC.

Founded in 1983, Golden Software is a leading developer of affordable scientific graphics software. Its customer base includes over 100,000 users involved in oil and gas exploration, mining, geosciences, engineering, business, education, and government in 186 countries and territories. Golden Software offers six products: Surfer for gridding, contouring and 3D surface mapping; Voxler for 3D data visualization; Grapher for 2D and 3D graphing; Strater for well log, borehole and cross section Descriptionting; MapViewer for thematic mapping and spatial analysis; and Didger for digitizing and coordinate conversion.

Product: Golden Software Strater
Version: 5.3.873
Supported Architectures: 32bit / 64bit
Website Home Page :

Language: english
System Requirements: PC
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP SP2 and above
Size: 100.8 mb

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