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Learn about equity funds - portfolio, returns, risks, costs, fund related documents, comparing funds & key action steps

What you'll learn:
Understand key aspects of equity markets
How to dissect equity stock universe in simple categories
Importance of benchmark and key market benchmarks
How to read and understand equity fund returns
Understand key risk parameters of an equity fund
Key parameters to consider while comparing equity funds
How to read a mutual fund factsheet
How to read the fund/scheme information document
Understand various investment options like lumpsum, SIP, SWP, STP, Trigger, Dividend Sweep, etc.

An open mind
Motivation to learn
Good internet connection
Be able to read and understand English Language
Willingness to take action

This course is designed for a global audience and not to any particular domestic market. The concepts you will learn here are universal in nature and can be applied to any market in the world.

The Mutual Fund Investing Masterclass Program is a program that aims to help you achieve your financial goals in life.

The primary objective of the Level 3 - Mutual Fund Investing Masterclass is to give you a deeper understanding of equity mutual funds.

So, by the time you are done with this course, you will have a far better understanding of equity mutual funds compared to the average mutual fund investor.

Following are the topics covered in this course :

Dissecting the Equity Market


Market Capitalisation

Investment Styles & Investment Style Box


Domestic & International Market

Investment Strategies

Practical Example

Equity Fund Benchmarks


Price Weighted Index

Value Weighted Index

Equal Weighted Index

Key Benchmarks (India & Global)

Practical Example

Equity Fund Asset Allocation


Sector Allocation

Top 5 Holdings

Market Cap Weighting

Investment Style


Practical Example

Equity Fund Key Return Parameters


Point to Point Return (Absolute)

Simple Annualised Return

Compounded Annual Return (CAGR)

Rolling Returns

Trailing Returns

Total Returns

Exit Load Impact on Investor Return

Practical Example

Equity Fund Key Risk Parameters



Risk Free Return

Standard Deviation (Fund Vs Benchmark)

Sharpe Ratio


Tracking Error

Information Ratio

R Squared

Practical Example

Equity Fund Key Portfolio Parameters


Average Equity Holding

Average Market Cap

Annual Portfolio Turnover Ratio

Average P/E

Average P/BV

Average Dividend Yield

Practical Example

Fund Comparison


Key Fund Parameters to Compare

Fund Manager


Fund Vs Benchmark Vs Category Performance

Comparison of Rolling Returns of Funds in a Category

Practical Example

Equity Fund Costs


Cost for the Investor

Cost of Managing the Fund

Impact of Cost on Investor Returns

Practical Example

The Fund House Factsheet


How to Quickly Glance at the Factsheet

Having a Closer Look at Facts

Practical Example

Fund/Scheme Information Document


Key Sections to Read in a Fund/Scheme Information Document

Having a Closer Look at Facts

Practical Example

Equity Fund Investment Options


Plans (Regular / Direct)

Options (Growth / Dividend)

Dividend Payout & Dividend Reinvestment Options

Practical Example

Equity Fund Transactions


New Fund Offering (NFO)

Fresh Subscription

Min. Amount

Min. Additional Amount


Systematic Investment Plan (SIP)

SIP Pause

Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP)

Systematic Transfer Plan (STP)

Value STP

Flex SIP & Flex STP

Dividend Sweep Option

Trigger Option

Cutoff Timings

Action Steps

The 5 Action Steps

Who this course is for
Anyone who wants to create wealth for yourself and family
Anyone who wants to generate regular income
Anyone with financial goals like buying a car, buying a house, going on a vacation, etc.
A housewife who manages family finances
Smart millennials who are interested in financial planning
Retired person interested in creating a regular income source
Family person who has financial responsibility

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