ThermoAnalytics TAITherm 12.4.0 | 587.2 mb
ThermoAnalytics has released TAITherm 12.4.0, is advanced thermal analysis software that provides engineers with an expert tool for the fast and accurate heat transfer simulations of transient thermal problems.

        New Features
Exhaust Stream
- Added Muffler component.
- Increased graphical feedback when selecting components, bounding parts, Stream Points and Sub-Streams.
- Thread points can now be displayed for Exhaust Streams.
Human Setup Dialog
- New interface to view and specify input data for humans. File data that can be specified include:
. Body Part Map
. Physiology and Anthropometry
. Configuration
. Boundary Conditions
. Reference Variables
. Initial Conditions
. Berkeley Setpoints
. Berkeley Segments
- Human Thermal information is now saved in TDFs.
Graphics Performance
- Improved responsiveness to graphics when working with large models (1-million elements or more).
. Switching or selecting parts in large models is now faster.
. Switching tabs or changing display modes in large models has been improved.
- Performance of panning, zooming and rotating has been improved.
Battery Thermal
- Voltage can now be specified in place of current for the NTG Equivalent Circuit model.
- All Battery Thermal models can now be initialized as Transient Restart or Initialize Transient Solution.
Multi-Grid Solver
- Shared memory parallel processing is now supported by the multi-grid solver
Exhaust Stream
- Stream Points are now rendered whenever the Exhaust Stream is visible, instead of only being visible after being
assigned to a Sub-Stream.
- Bounding components can now be added to multiple Sub-Streams at once.
- Sub-Streams can now begin and end with non-pipe components.
CFD Manager
- CFD records can now be independently scaled, in addition to the Global Scaling option.
. All records are combined when using the new "Scaled vs Time" Input Type.
- Bounding geometry for Exhaust Components are now grouped into Sub-Components.
Spatial Data
- H coefficients and fluid temperatures defined in the Spatial Data dialog can now be set as time-varying curves.
Fluid Streams
- Thread points can now be displayed for Fluid Streams.
Bug Fixes
- Bug 3844: Plugin user data error message when running ManikinPC
- Bug 5160: Multi-edit does not apply current item's setting to entire selection
- Bug 5163: Bounding parts are allowed to belong to different components
- Bug 5173: Stream generation validator does not handle parts with no geometry
- Bug 5174: Exhaust Stream bounding data is not updated after modifying bounding part geometry
- Bug 5261: Unused catalytic converter component causes crash
- Bug 5335: Autoscale does not account for Exhaust Streams
- Bug 5339: Bounding parts are allowed to belong to different components
- Bug 5345: Exhaust Stream will not generate for a simple pipe
- Bug 5377: Current sub-stream details enabled though sub-stream list is cleared after toggling part type
- Bug 5384: Components and Sub-Streams incorrectly displayed after deletion
- Bug 5401: Incorrect scaling of transmittance of directional transparent material
- Bug 5405: Unphysical temperature drop with advection links to Exhaust Stream points
- Bug 5448: Component graphics highlighting retains previous state
- Bug 5450: "Time before first data exchange" not getting passed to solver as first time step when coupling with GTSUITE
- Bug 5451: Deleting exhaust stream points changes advection links
- Bug 5454: Deleting sorted stream points causes crash
- Bug 5455: Crash when importing boundary conditions while advection link and exhaust stream are displayed
- Bug 5458: Exhaust Stream Component Selection Broken
- Older versions of TDFs can now be archived
- Made the Windows distribution consistent with the Linux distribution
Known Issues
The graphics improvements for this release have not been extended to several known legacy issues. When working
with large models or on a machine with limited resources, the following guidelines are recommended:
- The Shaded view mode should be used during all graphics manipulation (rotating, panning, etc.). Wireframe, Auto
WF, Auto Point and Autobox view options should not be used.
- Display Textures should be disabled unless needed. This includes disabling in models that do not contain any
- Smooth Shading should be disabled when viewing the internal layers of multi-layer parts.
- Display Patches and Display Free Edges should only be used when needed, as large numbers of Patches or Free
Edges can decrease performance.

About ThermoAnalytics TAITherm.  TAITherm is a cross-platform thermal and infrared signature modeling tool for Windows, Linux, and Unix computers that can be used to model the steady state and transient distribution of heat over complex surface descriptions of component systems. TAITherm models 3-D conduction, convection, and multibounce radiation. The output from TAITherm is the temperature map of the component system which can be viewed using the integrated post-processor. ViewTherm is a cross-platform post-processing tool for viewing the results of TAITherm simulations. ViewTherm provides the same post-processing power as the thermal simulation codes, including Descriptionting and exporting. Users that are familiar with TAITherm will already have the software skills needed to operate ViewTherm.

About ThermoAnalytics Inc.  ThermoAnalytics is a leading developer of thermal, fluid-flow and infrared modeling software. ThermoAnalytics' software products and services help engineers in organizations worldwide to optimize product concepts early in the design process, enabling them to significantly improve product quality while reducing product development time and cost. ThermoAnalytics' software is used in many industries including heavy vehicle, automotive, aerospace, architecture, electronics, environmental, manufacturing, and defense applications.

Product: ThermoAnalytics TAITherm
Version:   12.4.0
Supported Architectures: x64
Website Home Page :


Language: english
System Requirements: PC / Linux
Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7even or newer / CentOS 6 and 7 with redhat-lsb-core
Software Prerequisites:  TAITherm, Star-CCM+ or Fluent as solvers
Size: 587.2 mb



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