Ubuntu Linux Bible
pdf | 45.46 MB | English | Isbn:‎ B08LR3NSDZ | Author: | Year: 2020


The best reference for Ubuntu Linux
Ubuntu Linux is a popular, powerful, and versatile operating system. Now you can get the most out of everything Ubuntu Linux has to offer with the Ubuntu Linux Bible. This complete and comprehensive guide introduces you to Ubuntu and shows you how to use it to its fullest, whether you're a typical desktop user or a system administrator. You'll learn to do everything from reading email to configuring wireless networks. You'll reap huge rewards from this book, regardless of how much prior experience you have with Ubuntu.

[*]Get started with Ubuntu Linux and see what's in the newest Long Term Support (LTS) version (20.04)
[*]Learn how to read emails, surf the web, and create and publish documents
[*]Take on system administration tasks, like creating and managing users and adding new disks to the system
[*]Discover how to use Ubuntu Linux in an enterprise or personal environment
[*]Figure out how to set up Ubuntu Linux servers for the web, email, shared printing, and more
[*]Find out why Ubuntu Linux is the most popular Linux operating system in the world

Category:Linux Servers, Linux Networking & System Administration

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