Erotic Hypnosis - A Beginner's Crash Course
epub | 169.21 KB | English | Isbn:‎ 1708379770 | Author: Alexandra Morris | Year: 2019


Are you ready to try something that will "wrap around your mind and powerfully stroke your desires"?

Think of erotic hypnosis as sexual meditation. It's something you and your partner can play with to spice up your sex life. It's a tool you can use to experience total relaxation and let your sexual fantasies run wild at the same time.

Erotic hypnosis comes in many forms. The examples in this book refer to femdom hypnosis, but the underlying psychological aspect is the same for all relationships. I've written the book so you can use it as a guide to all types of relationships, femdom or not. This book, book one in the Erotic Hypnosis Series, will teach you how to:
[*]write your erotic hypnosis scripts
[*]how you build up a sensual story, so your partner gets hooked (and aroused)
[*]how to perform the erotic hypnosis session, including what do to before and after the session
[*]a brief history about erotic hypnosis
[*]a dive into the world of erotic hypnosis
[*]erotic hypnosis cheat sheet (checklist)
[*]and much more!

You also get three 30 min example scripts and the end of the book: one sensual, one sexual, and one vulgar script. You can have them as ready-to-read scripts and let your partner read them for you, read them for your partner, or take a deep breath and read them for yourself!

Do you dare to try?

Category:Hypnotherapy, Men's Sexual Health & Impotence, Hypnosis

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