epub | 349.24 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B07HL4Z69J | Author: Soliman, Wendy | Year: 2018


Flora Latimer, companion to the increasingly eccentric Dowager Countess of Swindon, has swiftly made herself indispensable to the entire family. In so doing she must fight her highly inappropriate attraction towards Luke Beranger, the current earl. Flora revels in the freedom that separation from her puritanical and overbearing father affords her, allowing her natural spirituality to come to the fore.
When Miranda Defoe, a recently orphaned neighbour, returns to the district, Flora's sixth sense compels her to protect the young woman from the Coopers, a family which has latched onto Miranda for her inheritance. As the relationship between Miranda and Luke's brother Charlie progresses beyond their platonic childhood friendship, Miranda's independence and strength of character puts her innocence at risk.
It seems that the Coopers will stop at nothing to gain control of Miranda's fortune. Can Flora and the Berangers come to her aid before her honour is compromised and before the growing threat to her life becomes a reality.

Category:Victorian Historical Romance, Victorian Historical Romance, Paranormal Romance

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