pdf | 14.01 MB | English | Isbn:‎ 3527348573 | Author: Garcia-Mancheno, Olga; | Year: 2021


Exploresthe potential ofnew types ofanion-binding catalyststo solve challenging synthetic problems
Anion-Binding Catalysis    introduces readers totheuse ofanion-binding processesincatalytic chemical activation, exploring how this approach can contribute to thefuture design ofnovelsynthetic transformations.Featuring contributions byworld-renownedscientistsinthe field, thisauthoritativevolumedescribesthestructure, properties,and catalytic applicationsofanionsas well as synthetic applications and practical analytical methods.
In-depth chaptersare organized by type of catalystratherthanreaction type, providingreaders with an accessibleoverviewofthe existing classes of effective catalysts.The authors discusstheuse of halogens as counteranions,the combination of(thio)urea and squaramide-basedanion-binding with other typesof organocatalysis,anion-binding catalysis by pnictogen and tetrel bonding,nucleophilic co-catalysis, anion-binding catalysis by pnictogen and tetrel bonding,and more.Helpingreadersappreciateandevaluatethe potential of anion-binding catalysis, this timely book:

[*]         Illustratesthe historical development, activationmode,and importance of anion-binding in chemical catalysis
[*]         Explains theanalytic methodsused todeterminethe anion-binding affinity of the catalysts
[*]         Describescatalytic and synthetic applicationsof commonNH-and OH-basedhydrogen-donor catalystsas well asC-H triazole/triazolium catalysts
[*]         Coversamino-catalysis involving enamine, dienamine, or iminium activation approaches
[*]         Discusses newtrendsin the field of anion-binding catalysis,such asthe combination of anion-binding with other types of catalysis     

Presenting thecurrentstate of thefieldas well as the synthetic potential of anion-binding catalysis in future,    Anion-Binding Catalysis    is essential reading forresearchers in both academia and industry involved inorganic synthesis, homogeneous catalysis,andpharmaceutical chemistry.

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