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This hands-on guide will help you prepare for and manage simple home repairs and improvements. Jeff Howell (the   Sunday Telegraph  's DIY columnist) and a host of other experts guide you through the trials and tribulations of DIY, helping you to carry out a range of projects - from fixing a leaky tap to hanging wallpaper - safely, cheaply and with minimum disruption. The full-colour drawings illustrate the step-by-step techniques and the lay-flat binding is perfect for on-the-job DIY advice.     DIY For Dummies     covers:
PART I - Planning Your Home Improvement Projects 
Chapter 1: Gearing Up for Your DIY Adventures 
Chapter 2: Being Safe and Prepared 
Chapter 3: Working with (And within) a Budget
PART II - Basic Home Maintenance and Improvement 
Chapter 1: Repairing Walls and Putting Up Shelves 
Chapter 2: Windows Don't Have to Be a Pane 
Chapter 3: Doors: An Open-and-Shut Case 
Chapter 4: Roofs and Walls 
Chapter 5: Dealing with Damp 
Chapter 6: Electrical Repairs and Replacements
PART III - Painting and Wallpapering 
Chapter 1: Planning Your Painting Project 
Chapter 2: Preparing Surfaces for Painting 
Chapter 3: Painting, Finishing, and Cleaning Up 
Chapter 4: Choosing Wallpaper and Preparing Walls 
Chapter 5: Hanging Wallpaper
PART V - Carpentry, Woodworking, and Flooring 
Chapter 1: Flooring: Keeping a Leg Up on Foot Traffic 
Chapter 2: Drilling, Driving, Fastening, and Gluing 
Chapter 3: Understanding the Carpentry Process 
Chapter 4: Finishing Wood
PART VI - Plumbing 
Chapter 1: The Plumbing System in Your Home 
Chapter 2: Heating, Ventilating, and Insulating Your Home 
Chapter 3: Plumbing Materials and Tools 
Chapter 4: Unblocking a Sink or Bath Drain 
Chapter 5: Unblocking and Fixing a Toilet 
Chapter 6: Fixing a Dripping Tap

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