Couch To Core: Lose Weight And Build Abs In 28 Days At Home
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The evidence based approach to getting fit and building the ABS you've always dreamed of, in less than 22 minutes a day.

What you'll learn
How to apply simple nutritional strategies to drop fat while building abdominal muscle at the same time
Learn the LA30 method, and apply precise exercise technique to abdominal/core/HIIT workouts for maximum results
Progress from sedentary to strong abs/core in 28 days with 4-22 minutes of exercise per day.
Take away a sustainable nutrition and ab building plan that can be used to get further results without re-gaining weight.
Basic fitness experience and zero equipment required.
The ability to complete Workout 2 without lower back pain, and with muscle soreness that lasts no longer than 48 hours
If you know where your abs are located, and have chosen a soft space on the floor, you are ready to get started!
Not intended for those with significant injury or current lower back pain

If enough is enough, and you are serious about transforming your body, and changing your life, then this is the course for you.
Are you trying to get fit for the first time and don't know where to start? Were you in shape in the past, and now feel like you have lost it? Either way, the COUCH TO CORE blueprint is the perfect jumpstart program for you!
In this core/abs and HIIT focused course, expert trainer Alex Allan will walk you through the entire science-based process of how to use practical nutrition, success-driven psychology, and goal specific exercise programming to accelerate stomach fat loss and increase midsection muscle in less than 22 minutes a day!
For many people, the most intimidating part about starting a body transformation program is understanding how to combine proper nutrition with the right amount of exercise, to get the best results possible in the least amount of time.
In just 28 days, we will get you off the "couch" and right into the most practical, supportive, results driven fat loss/abdominal training program imaginable.
Our Philosophy
We believe in building strength and stability from the torso/core outward
We apply cutting edge scientific research to support muscle gain and fat loss at the same time
We believe that excellent exercise technique leads to excellent results-and we teach it in every workout
We believe in keeping all workouts short, efficient, and specific to research supported results
We believe in program design that keeps the body challenged for the full 28 days-without overtraining
We believe in providing "real world" nutritional guidance that is effective and sustainable-no fad diets
We believe that small, consistent lifestyle changes lead to big results, and we show you step by step how to do it
We believe that you are worthy of success, and we teach you mental and emotional tips to remind yourself
We believe in giving a blueprint for nutrition and exercise habits that will be useful, long after this course is done.
What you can expect
Couch To Core course taught by world-class fitness trainer Alex Allan-with 22 years of client experience and over 28,000 session hours completed at the highest level of fitness and rehab; in one of the most competitive markets for personal training in the country.
13 professionally edited abdominal/core building workouts, 5 HIIT workouts, and 1 beginner mobility workout. Complete with expert exercise instruction throughout, music or no music HIIT workout options, and "in video" countdown timers and alerts.
Access to our Secrets To Fat Loss e-book with pro tips that can lead to body changing results and sustainable success
A copy of our top rated nutrition/health e-book
A step by step guide to building healthy habits so that you can become the best version of yourself
Fitness cookbook with over 50 mouth watering, easy to prepare, high protein recipes
Full 28 Day Workout Program download скачать to follow daily for maximum results
Essential workout tips that most personal trainers don't even know
Sample meal planner, grocery lists, food prep tips, and much more!
$$$ Thousands of dollars worth of value packed into one affordable course
"I have been working with Alex for over two years and have seen better results than anything I had done in the previous 10 yrs."
Rodrigo D.
Who this course is for
Fitness beginners who want to lose belly fat and build strong abs with zero equipment
People who are ready to feel better by changing their lives and transforming their bodies.

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