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Starting to feel like Groundhog Day at the gym? Tired of the same old routine? Struggling for exercise ideas? The   Hungry4Fitness   Book of Circuits and Workouts Vol. 2   is possibly the most comprehensive training manual ever produced. Packed to bursting with over 70 unique training sessions, each one professionally designed to forge superior strength, muscular endurance, and whole-body fitness.
[*]         Over 70 fully customisable circuits and workouts suitable for all levels of fitness and ability
[*]         4-Week Functional Fitness Training Programme
[*]         How to create your own circuits and workouts including essential training principles
[*]         Key exercise explanations and tutorials
[*]         A complete guide to fitness testing
[*]         The 10,000 Kettlebell Swing Challenge
[*]         CrossFit-style training sessions including EMOM, AMRAP, and HIIT workouts
[*]         An illustrated, step-by-step guide to stretching     

Former Royal Marines Commando,   Adam Priest   is a health and well-being coach, personal trainer, and fitness author with over 20 years of industry experience.

Who can benefit from this book?
[*]         Fitness enthusiasts of all levels who desire a challenge           - due to their innovative designs and cross-training nature, the circuits are more than adequate to provide a challenge for all levels of fitness.
[*]         Trainers who have lost motivation and inspiration           - loss of motivation is usually caused by a lack of direction. The absence of a training goal can result in stagnation and a decline in participation. Here, within this book, you will find your lost motivation. I am positive that the circuits and workouts to follow will provide you with a source of inspiration and aid you in discovering a new direction on your physical fitness journey.
[*]         Individuals preparing for Armed Forces recruitment           - if you are currently training for the rigours of Armed Forces selection, you will undoubtedly know that superior fitness is of paramount importance. Unlike the recruitment process for civilian jobs, all prospective military recruits must undertake and pass a barrage of fitness tests. The circuits and workouts presented in this book are perfectly suited for forging the fitness needed to meet those physical challenges. In addition, Workout 41 invites you to pit yourself against multiple fitness tests, some of which you will meet throughout military recruitment.
[*]         People who want to develop whole-body fitness           - as we discussed in the opening paragraph, circuit training incorporates a broad range of fitness components. Consequently, it is one of the most effective training methodologies for cultivating complete physicality. Including at least two circuits in your weekly exercise routine will help improve strength, muscle endurance and cardiovascular performance.
[*]         Boxers, martial artists, and MMA practitioners           - individuals who practice and/or compete in the combative arts need an abundance of strength, muscular endurance, and cardiovascular fitness. If a mixed martial artist, for example, is lacking in one of these areas they are sure to be exposed at some point during their fight career. Using these circuits and workouts as pre-fight/competition training will help you get in top shape before a contest. Thus, even if you're forced to go the distance, you'll have the fitness to do so.

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