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Women are biologically different from men, so why follow the same dieting advice? This expanded, full-color edition of   Keto: A Woman's Guide  -now including 35 recipes, 25 photos, and additional diagrams-presents in-depth insight into how the keto diet works with the female body, with easy-to-follow, realistic, and customizable strategies for achieving your keto dieting goals. 

Women's bodies are different from men's in many ways: including in physical composition, hormonal makeup, and how they metabolize fat and calories. Here, Ketogasm website and blog creator, Tasha Metcalf, breaks down the essential differences between male and female keto dieters to   create an actionable plan for adapting the keto diet to your own body and needs  , whether you are looking to lose weight, reverse insulin resistance and PCOS, enhance athletic performance, improve thyroid health, or balance your hormonal cycle.

The first part of this book   introduces the keto diet and fat-burning metabolism  , while   busting common keto myths   and addressing diet dogma. This sets the stage for you to confidently approach your diet, avoid the pitfalls, and put the naysayers to rest.

Next, learn exactly how female bodies respond to both diet and exercise. Find out how the keto diet and calories coexist,   how the menstrual cycle and menopause affect metabolism and eating behavior  , and how the keto diet can be used to   bring harmony to your hormones  .

Finally, put everything you've learning together to   implement your custom keto diet with simple strategies and instructions  . These and more   delicious recipes make it easy to stay on track   all day long:
[*]         Keto Oatmeal
[*]         Keto Smoothie
[*]         Portobello Eggs Benedict
[*]         Smoked Salmon Boats
[*]         Pan Seared Duck & Daikon Noodles
[*]         Coconut Curry Stew
[*]         Chicken Piccata with Squash Noodles
[*]         Coconut Yogurt     

If you are ready to take charge of your health and transform you body, this friendly guide delivers a clear plan of action.

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