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[*]         Do you know what keto fat bombs are?
[*]         Or are you fat-bomb obsessed and on the hunt for a few new recipes?     

If you are following a high-fat diet, then keto fat bombs are about to be your new favorite snack. 
This     Keto Fat Bombs Cookbook     satisfies both those needs, kind of like a fat bomb crushes cravings and gives you a boost of energy at the same time.

   ***Please note: Book is available in 2 Paperback formats- Black and White and Full color. Choose the best for you ***
So, what exactly is a fat bomb?
They're like energy balls. But instead of relying on the carbs that make up the bulk of energy treats, like grains or rice, fat bombs are packed with - fat. They're usually made up of about 80 % fat, making them handy for a quick breakfast, pre- or post-workout snack or a little afternoon treat. 

Keto Fat Bombs Cookbook includes:   

[*]         Main info about Ketogenic diet
[*]         What Fat Bombs Are
[*]         How to Cook and Use them
[*]         More than 70 delicious Keto Sweet and Savory Fat Bomb Recipes

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