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Whether you're aiming for YouTube videos or Hollywood-style epics, you need what Premiere Elements can't provide: crystal-clear guidance and real world know-how. This Missing Manual delivers. Packed with great ideas on how to spiff up your footage, this book helps you avoid the dreaded Help! I Never Do Anything With My Video syndrome. 

With this book, you'll learn how to use Premiere's two approaches to filmmaking: The quick-and-easy InstantMovie technique, and the classic, handcrafted approach for frame-by-frame editing with fine-tuned transitions, effects, and more. Premiere expert Chris Grover combines a touch of humor with insights, tips, and tricks culled from years of moviemaking experience to help you release your inner Scorsese.

[*]         Create movies from start to finish           with hands-on, step-by-step instructions
[*]         Use InstantMovie           to whip up a video ready for prime time
[*]         Learn frame-by-frame editing           to handcraft your story like the pros do
[*]         Share your movie           by saving it to disc, uploading it, or emailing it
[*]         Add video effects           that dazzle
[*]         Use keyframes to precisely control cuts          , special effects, and sound
[*]         Tap Premiere's automated tools           to analyze, organize, and rate your clips

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