epub | 135.13 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B0B7R5WQCM | Author: Erin Havoc | Year: 2022


A big, burly jock. 
Everything is a game for him. 
He's used to winning. 
What happens if I let him catch me?
The girl in the wedding dress sobbing her eyes out? 
Yeah, that's me. Not my best moment. 
I had one chance to escape my family. 
Then     he     showed up and     ruined     it all. 
A f    riend of my brother's    , ready to come to the rescue. 
Not my rescue, though. 
Ace Velasquez might be everything I've ever wanted, but he's not my friend. 
Life is a game for him, and I shouldn't let him sway me. 
Even when he's the one person who makes me feel alive. 
One week and my brother comes to get me, he says. 
One week, and I'll never see him again.
Forbidden Curves is a series of standalone short romances, always starring a burly older man and plus-sized heroine.

Category:Erotica, Erotic Literature & Fiction