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A fledgling pack struggles to survive during chaotic times, when mates are scarce, and competition is fierce. For there is turmoil in the werewolf community.
These are not your ordinary werewolves...
Jesse Wayne has one objective- find his missing cousin and rescue the poor girl before the Sickness takes them both. So when he discovers a sweet-smelling human in distress, the last thing he should do is take on a ring of kidnappers to get her out. But after only one hint of her scent he knows that's exactly what he's going to do. After all, they don't call him an outlaw for nothing.
He only hopes it won't spell disaster for all of them. Because little Annabelle is still out there somewhere, and the Sickness is coming for him. He can feel it.
Melissa Bennet has three goals for her trip to Mexico. Help her friend Rosa with her family farm. Put the sustainable farming program she's just completed to practical use. And prove her mother wrong. Not on that list? Get abducted by human traffickers and then rescued by a handsome stranger.
Helping him find his missing cousin might be a noble cause, but she's pretty sure she should run the other way, and not look back. Because Jesse Wayne might be the handsomest man she's ever seen, but there's just something     off     about him. And if she ignores it, she's pretty sure whatever it is will come back to bite her.
The Rabbit River Saga   
This series traces the story of the entire Rabbit River Pack as reluctant Alpha Lucas navigates the tricky waters ahead. Somehow, he must uphold the Law, keep his fledgling pack safe and discover a cure for the mysterious Sickness. But what about Mari, the human he found injured in the woods-will he ever manage to gain her trust? Follow this slow burn love affair throughout the series as the rest of the pack finds love. For Lucas must find a way to repair the damage of Mari's past before he can ever win her heart. 

This series combines the magic, humor, and sexy alpha hotness of authors like TS Joyce, Zoe Chant and Terry Bolryder, with the heart pounding action, world building and character development of authors like Patricia Briggs and Ilona Andrews. Fans of werewolf romance, paranormal suspense, paranormal comedy, and romantic fantasy will enjoy this series.

Category:Native American Literature, Later in Life Romance, Humorous Fantasy