epub | 412.29 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B0B8MSTQBY | Author: Mary Kennedy | Year: 2022


Bodhi Norgenson might be the biggest man anyone has ever seen. Former Army, and friends with Robbie and Remy, he and his brother Cade begin a new life at Belle Fleur. Bodhi has always been worried about whether or not he would find the 'one'. The one that would steal his heart, but who could also steal his body. Finding Vivienne Mirando was pure luck, but making her his, is more difficult that he imagined. Taking a job with Robicheaux Oil and Gas, she moves to Alaska, leaving them relegated to text messages and phone calls. But when Bodhi returns from a mission and sees her standing across the grove, he knows that he will never let her go.

Desperate to rid herself of her father's gangster ways, Vivienne Mirando changes her last name to Luck. It seems great fortune that she's been lucky enough to find Bodhi, the only man that has ever ignited a burning passion in her. Just when things seem to be going their way, Viv finds herself in the midst of a series of murders at the senior community she's volunteering at. Getting the help of the RP team is easy. Finding the killer, might take a little longer.

Category:Military Romance, Military Romance