epub | 513.7 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B09XQH812F | Author: Lane, Charlie | Year: 2022


A beautiful sharpshooter who'd rather aim for applause than love. A boxing beast whose heart is his strongest muscle. Away from the ballrooms of the ton, they'll find a love that saves them both.
Miss Nora Cavendish knows men can't be trusted. Instead of dancing through ballrooms searching for a husband, she auditions to perform as a sharp-shooting equestrian at Garrison's Circus in London. The crowd loves her, and she's bound to win a spot in the show. But the ruggedly handsome strongman refuses to accept her into the circus family. His scowls heat her more than they should, but his rejection tickles her trigger finger. 

Garrison's strong man and popular boxer Maxwell Brooks wishes the gorgeous sharpshooter would go away. She's a spoiled nuisance and a delectable distraction. Near starving and worried for his destitute family, Max can't rest, let alone sink his teeth into such a beauty.
When the impossible happens and the strong man's weakness is revealed, will he let Nora close enough to save him? 

And when one swipe of Max's thumb across her jaw lowers all her defenses, will Nora set a new target-his heart? 

The third novel in the Cavendish Family series is a     slow burn, enemies to friends to lovers     that takes readers from ballrooms to a gas lamp lit circus amphitheater and an abandoned abbey as the final Cavendish daughter finds herself and her heart in the arms of a strongman.

Category:Renaissance Historical Romance, Tudor Romance, British Historical Literature