epub | 228.85 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B089JKGSSF | Author: Ivy Adams | Year: 2021


As Vesper's power grows, the world falls to darkness.   

Vesper is the last of the Chosen, descended from a powerful lineage of African oracles whose duty it is to protect Rome from the corruption growing in its dark heart...or at least she thought so. 

A violent encounter with a warrior bearing the markings of the Chosen, puts her on a path to discover the first people. Those who are like her, weaving the power of Aṣẹ in service of the greater good. 

But not all is what it seems, and the first people bear a terrible secret, one that will shake not only the empire to its core, but the world. 

Imperator is the heart stopping third book in The Last Witch of Rome fantasy series. If you like kick ass heroes, fascinating alternate histories, and astonishing sword and sorcery, then you'll love Rhett Gervais' spellbinding novel.

Category:Black & African American Fantasy Fiction, Black & African American Fantasy Fiction, Black & African American Historical Fiction