epub | 363.54 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B0B8PDY4DH | Author: Daryl Banner | Year: 2022


From USA Today Bestselling Author Daryl Banner comes a steamy beach town opposites-attract romance with a surprise ending that will steal your heart. 

When Quintin Ruiz's classmate invites him down to Dreamwood Isle for the weekend, the last thing he wanted was to capture the attention of the beach town's infamous "Heart Crusher" Adrian Tyler.

Pretty boys with eight-pack abs aren't Quintin's type.

Meanwhile, Adrian Tyler is tired of only being seen as a "pretty muscle boy" with a bad reputation for having new arm candy every weekend.

Besides, what's he supposed to do when every young and willing guy in sight throws themselves at him?

So when Adrian crashes into the sensitive art student named Quintin, who instantly puts him in the "friend zone" and wants nothing romantic to do with him, Adrian is left feeling relieved.

And also very, very confused.

What starts as a totally platonic friendship turns into something more as the young men get to know one another, share each other's dreams ...

And ultimately give in to their suppressed desires.

✔️ Opposites attract
✔️ Beach town vacation vibes
✔️ Major steam

Category:Gay Fiction, Gay Romance, LGBTQ+ Romance