epub | 291.75 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B0B829R31R | Author: Sofia Finn | Year: 2022


I need money. 
He needs a nanny. 
And the last thing     we     need is     this unexpected baby.
Dr. Ian Graham is a lot of things. 
A veteran single dad, twice my age, and my new grumpy boss.
FYI, I have zero experience being a nanny. 
But his precocious daughter insists to hire me after I'd saved her from an accident. 
I need a job and a place to stay anyway. 
So, why not? 
Furthermore, how hard can it be to be a live-in nanny, right?
Living under the same roof as Dr. Ian is     torturous.   
Tearing my eyes away from those hot chiseled abs and muscular arms is a tough job. 
Did he always forget to put his shirt on?
I should've kept a distance when I found out about his troubled past. 

But it's too late now. 
I'm pregnant with his baby.

Category:Classic Fiction Anthologies & Collections, Medical Romance, Satire Fiction