epub | 476.58 KB | English | Isbn:‎ B0B255W1Q9 | Author: London Casey | Year: 2022


We hooked up. I had his baby. And he never found out - until now. 
Lucca Pixon is the hockey player everyone dreams about being near - and being with.
And, yes, I secretly had his baby. 
The truth can cost me my career and get him into trouble too, so the single mom life is how I've been surviving.
That is until I'm given an assignment.
It looks like Luc has gotten himself into trouble -     again     - and it's my job to write about it.
The last thing I should do is randomly show up before a hockey game with a baby in a stroller and tell Luc he's the father.
Spoiler alert: that's exactly what I do.

Category:Sports Romance, Sports Romance, Romantic Comedy