epub | 1.01 MB | English | Isbn:‎ B097Z6S1S7 | Author: Nicole Lam | Year: 2021


Shortlisted for the Rakuten Kobo Emerging Writer's Prize 2022   
What could go wrong with dating your ex-boyfriend's boss?   

I didn't ask to be famous. But when my ex's song about me goes viral, I have no choice. 

The next thing I know, my PR firm is telling me to work with the aforementioned ex, Ryder Black, or be fired. 

At a work party for Ryder, the man I meet-and almost kiss-turns out to be my ex's and my new boss, Leo Perez. But he doesn't seem to mind making our relationship less than professional. 

Leo seems to be the silver lining on my unwanted notoriety and new workplace... until someone tries to sabotage Ryder's album and frame     me     for it. 

To prove my innocence, I might have to choose between my career and my heart. 

FOR THE RECORD is the first book in a sweet Hollywood romance series by Nicole Lam. Buy now to dive into a story of two unlikely souls finding love, facing drama, and forming a family in the City of Angels.

Category:Celebrity & Popular Culture Humor, Clean & Wholesome Romance, Multicultural & Interracial Romance