Complete 200Hr Yoga Teacher Training Self Mastery Course
Last updated 6/2022
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Everything you need to know to become a internationally accredited yoga instructor!

What you'll learn
Students will learn about Yoga and it's history
Students will learn the four streams of yoga
Stages of Raja Yoga
Yamas or self-restraints
Students will learn how to perform Asanas (Yogic Postures)
Students will learn how to perform Pranayama (Control of vital life force)
Students will learn how to perform Meditation
Concept of stress (Physiology & more!)
Stages in yogasana
Initial postures to do yoga asanas (tadasana, dandasana, makrasana)
Students will learn how to perform Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations)
Students will learn how to perform the standing postures!
Students will learn how to perform the sitting postures!
Students will learn how to perform the prone postures!
Students will learn how to perform the supine postures!
Students will learn how to perform the balancing asanas.
Mudras for pranayama & meditation
The preparatory practices for Pranayama
How to perform OM-Meditation
How to perform the Kriyas (Cleansing Techniques)
Students will learn the Prayers (Sanskrit)
Yoga & Hypnotherapy for complete health!
Downloads & meditations
Students will learn Yoga Theory (Patanjali)
Bodily awareness

This is a complete 200HR Yoga Teacher Training Self Mastery Course.This course is filled with videos, photos, & articles put together by a certified master yogi.This course will teach you everything necessary to become an internationally accredited yoga instructor!Master everything from:PranayamaYoga Asanas (balancing, sitting, prone, supine, & more)Kriyas (cleansing techniques)TheoryPractical Application (daily life)PrayersBenefits & Contraindications& More!!!Original moves in SanskritPatanjali's Yoga SutrasYoga Teacher Training Material (Benefits & Contraindications)Yoga is becoming popular in all parts of the world. For the restless it gives solace. For the sick, it is a boon. For the common man is the fashion of the day to keep himself fit and beautiful. Some use it for developing memory, intelligence, and creativity. With its multifold advantages, it is becoming a part of education. Specialists use it to unfold deeper layers of consciousness in their move towards perfection.Widespread psychosomatic ailments and psychiatric problems are posing a great challenge to the modern medical system. It is here that yoga is making a vital contribution to the modern medical system.Extensive research on yoga over the last few decades has brought out the usefulness of yoga for dealing with these ailments as an effective adjunct to medical management and also for long-term rehabilitation.'Prevention is better than a cure'With this course, you will learn the ins & outs of yoga taught by Patanjali. Use this convenient material to take your yogic skills from average to extraordinary by practicing & following along with us!


Section 1: Introduction To The Course - Welcome!

Lecture 1 Welcome

Section 2: Yoga & Modern Life

Lecture 2 Introduction

Lecture 3 Understanding Yoga

Lecture 4 Definition Of Yoga

Lecture 5 The Four Streams Of Yoga

Lecture 6 Why Yoga

Lecture 7 On The Path Of Yoga

Section 3: The System Of Raja Yoga

Lecture 8 Stages Of Raja Yoga

Lecture 9 Yamas or Self-restraints

Lecture 10 Niyamamas or Observances

Lecture 11 Asanas or Yogic Postures

Lecture 12 Pranayama or Vital Energy Control

Lecture 13 Pratyahara or Sense Withdrawal

Lecture 14 Dharana or Concentration

Lecture 15 Dhyana or Meditation

Lecture 16 Samadhi or Illumined Consciousness

Section 4: Concept Of Stress

Lecture 17 Concepts of stress

Lecture 18 Physiology Of Stress

Lecture 19 Mechanism Of Stress Related Diseases

Lecture 20 Stress Induced Ailments

Lecture 21 Common Problems Which May Be Stress Related

Lecture 22 Concept Of Stress And It's Management According To Yoga

Lecture 23 Yogic Management Of Stress - Principles

Section 5: Yoga Asanas

Lecture 24 Introduction

Lecture 25 Dynamic Asanas

Lecture 26 Relaxing Asanas

Section 6: Stages In Yogasana

Lecture 27 Stages In Yogasana

Lecture 28 An Ideal Healthy Body

Lecture 29 Some General Instructions For Practice Of Yoga Asana

Section 7: Initial Postures For All Exercises & Yoga Postures

Lecture 30 Initial Postures For All Exercises & Yoga Postures

Lecture 31 Initial Standing Posture - Tadasana

Lecture 32 Initial Sitting Posture - Dandasana

Lecture 33 Prone Posture

Lecture 34 Prone Posture - Makarasana

Lecture 35 Supine Posture

Lecture 36 Supine Posture - Savasana

Section 8: Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations)

Lecture 37 Sun Salutations

Section 9: Standing Posture

Lecture 38 Ardhakati Cakrasana (Lateral Arc Posture)

Lecture 39 Ardha Cakrasana (Half Wheel Posture)

Lecture 40 Pada Hastasana ( Forward -Bend Posture)

Lecture 41 Trikonasana (Triangle Posture)

Lecture 42 Parivrtta Trikinasana (Crossed Triangle Posture)

Lecture 43 Parsava Konasana (Lateral Angle Posture)

Section 10: Sitting Postures

Lecture 44 Vajrasana (The Ankle Posture)

Lecture 45 Sasankasana (Moon Posture)

Lecture 46 Supta-Vajrasana (The Supine Vajrasana)

Lecture 47 Janu Sirhasana (Head To Knee Pose)

Lecture 48 Pascimottanasana (Posterior Stretching)

Lecture 49 Ustrasana (Camel Posture)

Lecture 50 Vakrasana (Twist Posture)

Lecture 51 Padmasana (Lotus Posture)

Lecture 52 Setu Asana (Bridge Pose)

Section 11: Prone Postures

Lecture 53 Bhujangasana (Serpent Posture)

Lecture 54 Salabhasana (Locust Posture)

Lecture 55 Dhanurasana (Bow Posture)

Lecture 56 Makarasana (Crocodile Posture)

Section 12: Supine Postures

Lecture 57 Sarvangasana (Stand On Shoulder Posture)

Lecture 58 Matsyasana (Fish Pose)

Lecture 59 Halsana (Plough Posture)

Lecture 60 Cakrasana (Wheel Posture)

Lecture 61 Savasana (Corpse Pose)

Section 13: Balancing Asanas

Lecture 62 Eka Pada Pranamasana (One-legged Prayer Pose)

Lecture 63 Eka Padasana (One Foot Pose)

Lecture 64 Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana (Raised Hand To Big Toe Pose)

Lecture 65 Tandavasana (Lord's Shiva's Dance)

Lecture 66 Natarajasana (Lord Shiva's Pose)

Lecture 67 Pada Angushthasana (Tiptoe Pose)

Lecture 68 Baka Dhyanasana (Patient Crane Pose)

Section 14: Pranayama

Lecture 69 Introduction

Lecture 70 Udana

Section 15: Mudras For Pranayama And Meditation

Lecture 71 Cin Mudra

Lecture 72 Cinmaya Mudra

Lecture 73 Adi Mudra

Lecture 74 Brahma Mudra

Lecture 75 Nasika Mudra

Section 16: Preparatory Practices For Pranayama

Lecture 76 Cleansing Breathing (Kapalabhati Kriya)

Lecture 77 Sectional Breathing

Lecture 78 Anuloma-Viloma (Simple inhalation-exhalations pranayma)

Lecture 79 Candranuloma

Lecture 80 Suryanuloma

Lecture 81 Nadi Suddhi (Purification Of Subtle Energy Paths)

Lecture 82 Ujjayi (Hissing Pranayama)

Lecture 83 Sitkari (Folded-Up-Tounge Pranayama)

Lecture 84 Sitall (Beak-Tounge-Pranayama)

Lecture 85 Sadanta (Suck-Through-Teeth Pranayama)

Lecture 86 Bhramari (Bee-Sounding Pranayama)

Section 17: OM-Meditation

Lecture 87 OM-Meditation

Section 18: Kriyas - Cleansing Technique

Lecture 88 Introduction

Lecture 89 The Objectives Of Yoga Kriyas

Lecture 90 Trataka

Lecture 91 Preparatory Eye Exercises - Vertical Movements

Lecture 92 Preparatory Eye Exercises - Horizontal Movements

Lecture 93 Preparatory Eye Exercises - Diagonal Movements (Both Directions)

Lecture 94 Rotational Movement Of Eyeballs (Clockwise And Anticlockwise)

Lecture 95 Tips

Section 19: Prayers

Lecture 96 Suryanamaskara Mantra

Lecture 97 Yogasana Mantra

Lecture 98 Pranayama Mantra

Lecture 99 Peace Chants

Section 20: Yoga And Hypnotherapy For Complete Health (bonus material)

Lecture 100 Annamaya Kosa (Physical Layer)

Lecture 101 Pranayama Kosa (Life Force / Prana Layer)

Lecture 102 Manomaya Kosa (Mental Layer)

Lecture 103 Vijnanamaya Kosa (Wisdom, Knowledge, Intelligence, Intuition, Layer)

Lecture 104 Anandamaya Kosa (Bliss And Cosmic Consciousness Layer)

Lecture 105 The Need For Hypnotherapy In Combination With Yoga!

Lecture 106 Thank You!

Section 21: Hypnotherapy download скачать & Meditation Music

Lecture 107 Hypnotherapy for Inner Happiness & Contentment

Lecture 108 Shamanic Sound Healing (Shamanic Drum)

Lecture 109 Calm Mind 110hz (Ambient Rain Shower) *for meditations*

Lecture 110 Unleash Your Superpowers (Affirmations)

Lecture 111 Releasing The Week With Ohms

Lecture 112 Crystal Quartz Sound Healing Meditation Vibes

Lecture 113 Positive Affirmations For The Day

Lecture 114 Sound Meditation For Root Chakra

Yoga practitioners who want to master the 200hr Yoga Teacher Training!,Anyone interested in becoming a recognized yoga instructor